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We added few enhancements to our site to make it more useful and easier to find and connect with other members,
You can search other users not only by what ILS they are using but also by products, City, State, or Country and Institution Type as well.
When you browse the Users List you will be able to see what products they use and what Institution Type they belong to whether it’s Academic, Public, Law, etc.

We updated our FAQs  and added a new section “ IUG Log-in issues, User Profile and Connections”.

Please take a moment and update your profile so it’s useful to all of us!

We are now accepting proposals for Programs, Posters, Forums and Lightning Rounds.
Deadline for Proposals: Friday, November 7, 2014.
Here’s your chance to share with your IUG peers what new features, creations, and workflows you’ve implemented in your library; your advertising, training and metrics solutions; the fundamentals of the system and any other great ideas you have. It's a wonderful way to give back to the IUG community!
Learn more...

For your convenience we added an RSS feed to the upcoming events page on our website, that means you can subscribe to this feed and get notification of any upcoming events or important dates via your RSS reader.
To subscribe to this feed using Internet Explorer please login then click on Resources>> Upcoming Events and click on the RSS feeds symbol on the top right of this page then click on subscribe to this feed.
Or using any other reader you can add our feed http://innovativeusers.org/resources/calendar.feed?type=rss

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